Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beautiful Bountiful cherry Blossoms :)

Spring is here! Spring is here! I could shout this because I am so overjoyed!
Korea is simply flooded with a whole new feeling. The slightly dull, gloomy, grey streets are now lined with large and small pots springing up with growing green vegetation! I smile walking down the streets because there is life and color and beauty all around. The sun is out and proudly shining out the gloom of winter. I don't think Im the only one noticing this new beginning of spring either.
Last weekend we decided to spend our Saturday at Yeoido Park and then walk along the Han river to admire the blooming cherry blossoms. We decided to go along with tens of thousands of other koreans and foreigners. The buses and subways, streets and sidewalks were flooded with people snapping photos of the blossoming evidence of Spring's arrival. My friends Goldie, Kium and Sung were all a little bothered with the throngs of people as they had already visited the park the week before, and they commented that it was so peaceful- opposite of our Saturday visit. I didn't mind this busyness though. It just added to the excitement. So many people were able to all enjoy the beauty together. We all were just walking down the street (closed to traffic on the weekend), we were all pushed close together in the shade of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms with the River flowing on our right hand side. It was a beautiful view! A few people were sitting near trees ready to take a photo of you in front of the Pokote (for a small fee). We bought popsicles and continued walking until we reached the National Assembly building.
On Sunday, after our Lord's Day Meeting and a delicious Lunch, a bunch of us from church went to Namsan Mountain to see the cherry blossoms. You'd think I would have seen enough the day before, mais NON! This was completely different actually. We took a packed yellow bus up part of the mountain, walked to the tower and the view was gorgeous. Seoul was still the busseling city of tall apartment buildings and highrises, but with the mountain full of greens, yellows, and pink it was certainly different from our last visit to the top of Namsan Mountain in January when Ryan visited. Afterwards we walked down the mountain stopping for many photos with the pink blossoms and yellow forsythia. Beeeauuuutiouss!
At the moment we are sitting on the 3rd floor patio of Tom-n-Tom's Coffee in Itaewon. Nolan's writing a letter to his grandparents and sipping a strawberry yogurt smoothie. MMmmmm good. I just received an email from Meg stating that her red nailpolish just came off her big toe from our wedding exactly 7 months ago! That was the last time we saw her :( and most of you who might be reading this! It's amazing how fast time passes. Winter seemed so long, but now it's over, and Spring is here. I feel like my patience is sometimes so short, and I'm am so often dissatisfied with my life or circumstances. Today I felt like sharing some of my joy from the past two weeks, but I think the joy is so strong because it comes as a relief after the hard winter. It has been difficult at times living in this country teaching long hours and not speaking Korean- but through all of this I feel like I am finding more faith and trust and stength in Christ Jesus. Amen for Spring, new beginnings and LIFE!