Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ten hours 'til takeoff!

Look! We started a blog!
This is going to be fun writing down and sharing some of our experiences in South Korea with all of you!

It's almost 10 pm Saturday night and we have to leave for the airport by 5:30 in the morning.
Are we all set to go?
Well, we're sitting around the dinner table chatting with family while our clothes, various teaching aids, toiletries, etc are strewn about two bedrooms. How are all of our things going to fit into four, fifty pound bags, we're not sure, but we are confident that even without everything we think we need, we'll be fine.

The past few weeks since our return from beautiful sunny honeymoon Acapulco, Elizabeth and I have been trying our best to clean and pack up our rooms so they could be a bit better than during the time we were away at Olaf. It took a few weeks, but our rooms are finally clean and decluttered....and now onto the packing :)

......and after packing, off we'll go to the airport and fly first to San Francisco, and then after 13 hours of flying we will arrive in SEOUL where a korean from our school will meet us with a sign and take us to our future apartment! We are SO excited!!

Over and out, 3,5,7, 9er 9er

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