Monday, November 17, 2008

Mold groans

Okay. I have to talk with the director of our school again tonight. I have tried getting ahold of him a couple times already today without success. Director Ricky came over on Saturday and surveyed the mold situation in our apartment along with another guy who I think may be doing some of the work, or hopefully, knows a bit more about the dangers of mold. Due to feeling sick, out of it or just not thinking, Ricky told us that we should start ripping down the wallpaper in the apartment, and we didn't protest. WHAT? Maybe we were too shocked that he would expect us to tear it down when I've told him numerous times that I seem to be allergic to mold and have been feeling sick since my arrival due to the mold problem. Ricky and his associate tore a piece of wallpaper down further that was already peeling from the ceiling, so after they left it was hanging write over where my head lay in bed. Sunday morning, I woke up with a headache, my cough morphed and a wonderfully disgusting amount of phelm in my throat, though the phlem has become commonplace as well as the ear-numbing, death-bed sounding cough. Either it was the wallpaper dropping little particles onto my face or, more likely, the massive amount of particles I inhaled while cleaning off the windows on Saturday. Yes, I know, STUPID! I shouldn't have done any cleaning myself when I think I'm allergic, though getting rid of some of it seemed appealing and I wore one of those eyeblinds the airline gives you over my nose and mouth and rubber gloves. It wasn't wise, but I was sick of seeing it and bought some cleaner that Director Ken said would take it off.

It's so frustrating that I haven't been stronger, more assertive or whatever necessary to make it clear that action needs to be taken to remedy the situation in our apartment, or we must be moved to a new abode. I guess I was hoping that my symptoms are the result of something else and that they'll go away soon and thus not have to go through this whole ordeal. Though, research shows there is a myriad of effects on the body, with at least some of those not being intense hacking or a phlem-filled throat or head. It would be really nice to not have to go through the hassle of moving out of our bedroom (at least) while the wallpaper is stripped and walls treated, though the treatment surely needs to be done to both bedrooms and probably the kitchen as well in certain areas.

Ha, I just got ahold of Ricky and we had a very productive conversation. I didn't hold anything back, though stated in a straightforward manner that Elizabeth and I did not and will not be tearing down the wallpaper as the cleaning I did on Saturday made my reaction worsen. I stated that there is mold in the bedrooms but also on the ceiling and around the floor (that's what we can see), so the cleaning must be very thorough or else those spots may be missed and the problem left unfixed. If that is the case, we will have to move to a new apartment, though we really love our current setup, space and location-wise. He was very receptive and said he thought we should move into his place for the week and that if the problem wasn't fully resolved, we would be moved to a new apartment. It went quite well I thought, now we just have to go home and pack up all our things so they don't get covered in mold and also pack a bag to take to Ricky's house for the week.

That's all for now, gotta get outta school and go have some dinner!

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