Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in Seoul and Beyond

SO excited to be sitting in the Tokyo Narita airport at the moment about to board our plane to Honolulu! We left Seoul at noon today and have had a few hours here in Tokyo to catch up on the large amount of sleep we've missed out on the past week. Christmas Eve/Christmas we spent at school working on getting everything organized for the substitutes we hired to fill in for us for the two days of classes we're going to miss. We had to plan everything out for them in thorough detail as it's quite confusing...5 kindergarten classes all using different books and then 7 different elementary classes each, five of which use different books. Besides the plans for our subs the Korean teachers are giving tests to our classes while we're gone, so we had to write the tests and make appropriate copies. Teaching takes a LOT of time! I don't think it's very common to have so many classes with different preps though. Well, it was all worth it for the reward we are soon to receive.

'Hopefully we'll be on the beach in 24 hours far away from screaming classes of kindergarten children =D I hope that doesn't sound like we're unhappy or anything to be away from them for a short bit...

Merry belated Christmas to you if you're reading this! It doesn't seem like Christmas has come yet as we didn't have any of the normal Christmas events, besides a visit from Santa. I had the assignment/privilege of dressing up in the schools elaborate (and surprisingly big enough) Santa costume. I handed out presents to all the kids and many of them actually believed I wasn't Nolan teacher, but the real deal! Pretty funny, I acted as if I'd fallen asleep and missed the whole thing when they accused me of being Santa after he had continued on his journey to visit more boys and girls. They believed me! It was great =D And now, we really are off, no more delays!

Mele kalikeemaka

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Kim said...

Elizabeth and Nolan... I hope you had a great winter break in Hawaii well on Kauai (my old home -- last summer)! Miss you both and glad you are loving teaching and Korea... I will try to mail you stuff from the states soon!

Mucho Amor! Kim