Friday, December 5, 2008

Simple Smiles

This is going to be short...but sweet..I promise!

This morning Nolan and I were running a bit late and so I left the house ahead of him so I could get to school quickly. This morning we had kindergarten Birthday PARTY and so I had to prepare some last minute party game things.
As I was scurrying down the street (as it was fridgedly colder than the previous few weeks-winter here you come) I passed a middle aged asian man. We smiled, and then as he was just about to be out of my site he turned around and said in broken English "It's COLD!" This random use of English surprised me and I laughed instantly in agreement with him! He was so cute and kind to offer his little English and say a few words with a smile! It brought a BIG smile to my face!
I continued to scurry my way around the corner and up the street, past the park, and then as a car was turning around the corner a man and wife in their car passed me. The driver's car window was open and as the car turned and our eyes met he smiled and said ANYO ASSEO! (Hello in Korean). I again was taken by surprise. It's freezing, and this couple decided to open their window and say hi!
It doesn't seem like much but the weather was cold, I was walking alone to school for a change, and was greeted with such warmth by the world! hehe. It brighted my day and was a wonderful start to my FRIDAY!

Have a wonderful day!

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